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0002Anonymous2018/09/26(水) 05:31:37.70ID:82xHNHgO
I'd like to complain to a woman I don't know, Shinichi Suzuki, and I'd like her to call me back.
Shinichi is a prepaid cell-phone, isn't he?
It won't last long.
I don't want you to have one trouble after another.
How many times should I be careful?
My family is really bothering me, isn't it?
I'll borrow Shinichi's cell-phone and call you persistently.
Do I have to know?
Would you stop harassing me?anger
Please stop contacting Shinichi Suzuki when you are 41 years old.
It's a nuisance.
Don't get in my way!a nuisance woman
Shinichi's children are pitiful and angry when Shinichi is in contact with a woman he does not know.
I'll check it out, and I'll check on you.
Shinichi Suzuki, age 41
a married man
He had a wife and children.
I hope you don't mind.
Dear me!
They are careful not to get in touch with Shinichi Suzuki except for their relatives, family members and acquaintances.
LINE (disambiguation)
No way to call!
I'm persistent.
Shinichi Suzuki has a wife, and she has children.
Who are you from in LINE?know someone's name
I don't see you being deceived by Shinichi.
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