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Q 意訳: リザルト画面で鳥瞰図&試合レコードを実装しませんか?
Are there any plans on giving us a type of minimap or birds-eye view of the match at the end screen where we can see the paths each survivor and the killer took in that match?
It would be really cool to see how close you were to the survivors as the killer without realizing and in general it would be a fun feature.

A いいですね!
Design team answer
This is a cool idea!

Q BP二倍やる?
Will we ever get a Double BloodPoints Weekend again ?

A やりますよ(但しいつとは言っていない)

Q キラー視点のトーテムオーラを見やすいものに変えてください
Please change the color of the totem outlines in the killer FOV.

A 黄色に変更する予定です。最終的にはオーラの色をオプションで変更できるようにしたいです。
Design team answer
Yes we would like to change it to yellow to help visibility. And eventually have different options for aura colors.

Hi dev team, I would like to ask if the community translation forums on steam are being checked by the devs, because I want to offer my help in getting DBD translated to Greek

Sent your contact to Andy, he handles Community translators!

Q 意訳:版権キラーの修正に関しては、どの程度のものが許可されてますか?ドクターみたいな大規模リワークは可能?
How much say do the license holders have when it comes to killer mechanics? For example if you decided you want to rework Freddy and add in laser vision would you be stopped?
Perhaps on a less extreme level,
if you wanted to change Myers/Pig/Leather Face/Freddy in a similar style to how you reworked The Doctor would you be unable to do so without consulting the original holders?

A ブランドイメージを崩さない限りにおいて、パーク/アドオン/能力の修正が許可されています。提案した変更がこじつけなら(例:Laser Freddy)リテイクとなります。
Creative Director answer
We can change perks / addons / power as long as it still fits their brand.
If the change we are proposing is too farfetched for the Brand (For example, Laser Freddy) they would probably object and we would have to look at it again.

Q ロビーが3人までしか埋まらない問題はどの程度把握されてますか?
You said a while back that you had fixed the 3-man lobby issue, but I still see it constantly. Are you aware of this issue?

A 現在対応中です。
We are aware of the issue and we have devs working on it.
Thank you for your report!

Q 意訳:マップの見直しをお願いします。無限ループ、地下無し固有の安全地帯化、トンプソン固有の階段封鎖など。
Would you consider looking at these maps for the following reasons:
Haddonfield: Insanely loopable, lots of pallets, extremely safe for survs at all times.
Badham: If basement isn't in boiler room it's a god-spot.
Thompson House: The balcony has a god-spot, also only 1 way down meaning killer can hold the game hostage by standing there.
Fractured Cowshed: Essentially an infinite
Wretched Shop: Essentially an infinite

Map design answer
Badham: Looking to add a hook spawn if the basement isn't there.
Thompson house god spot and choke point : Looking into that issue, it's the same issue we have for choke points in the basement.
Fracture Cowshed / Wretched Shop : A window fix pass needs to be done.

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Why is The Hag’s speed at 110% unlike Trapper’s whose at 115% and also the Killer who has almost the same function of traps, just why in general?

Design team answer
She is slower because she has the possibility of closing the gap with teleports. That was the initial intent.
Trapper has to walk to his traps as well as placing them. It's a different playstyle.

Q バランス調整の対象となっているキラーを教えてください。
Which killer(s) do you think require balance changes at the moment, because you think they aren't quite in the right spot at the current state of the game?

A (個別のキラーではない)バランス調整によって改善されていくと考えています。プレイヤーからはフレディとハグのリワーク要望が出ていることは把握しています。
Design team answer
We think they would all benefit from design and Quality of life improvements! We know that the Community has been asking a lot about Freddy and Hag.

Q ピッグの罠解除のスキルチェックにララバイが乗らないのは仕様ですか?
Since I don't see the comment anywhere.
Someone recently made a post about how huntress lullaby doesn't work when searching for a key when you have a reverse bear trap on is this intended or a bug?

A ララバイはジグソウボックスのスキルチェックに置いても発動するべきだと考えています。パーク説明に「全てのスキルチェック」と書かれていますので。
Design team answer
Right now the perk description says Survivors receive a 2/4/6 % regression penalty when missing any Skill Check. We agree that it should be affecting the Jigsaw boxes.

Q 意訳:三人以下の場合はゲームを開始せずロビーに戻してください。
Is there anyway to make if only three survivors or less loaded into a game, to just kick everyone back to the lobby, and not lose any add-ons/ offerings from either sides?

A 3人以下の場合の仕様について検討中です。併せて、3人以下開始にならないように技術的見地からも対応しています。
Our Design team is aware of the issue and is looking into what the game should do if it loads with 1-2-3 survivors. On a technical side, they are also looking in ways to prevent this from happening.

Q (先週の生放送によると)トラッパーのアドオンがリワーク中であるとのことですが、他のキラーのものはどうなっているでしょうか?
We already know that trapper's add-ons are seeing a rework, can you tell us some other killer add-ons that are getting reworked, if any?

A 意訳:生放送で言及した修正については、時期も内容も未定です。現時点でアドオンリワークの議題に上がってるものは沢山あります。
Design team answer
We were having a dialogue on addons in the last Dev stream. We do not know how (full addon pass or little by little) or when that will happen yet.
For now, it is a conversation point. There is a lot of addons we would like to see reworked!

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NOTICE: This Add-on is currently faulty and has close to no effect.

The Beast's Marks系については注意書きそのものが消失した

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Will we ever get a Double BloodPoints Weekend again ?

ever get を意訳すると「今後機会がありますか」

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Monday Dev Q&A Thread - May 14, 2018


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Q ハグ・トーテムのリワークは6月のアプデに含まれますか?
Hag and totem rework - will they appear in June with all other stuff?

A 今週の生放送で発表されます
Will be answered in this week's YouTube Q&A by Stefan Horvath himself!

Q エンブレムの調整は6月に来ますか?
I asked this last week and got no answer.
Will the Emblem System be adjusted further and if so will it be included in the anniversary update in June?

A 6月にはバグ修正とエンブレムの取得条件に関する修正が来ます。エンブレムの調整のメインはチャプターの間(6週間後目安)にリリースします。
There is a few bug fixes and Emblems requirements changes coming with the June update. The main balancing will be in the mid-chapter patch.

Q カジュアル層がチェイス/逃避のエンブレムを取りやすくしてください。
i can only hope that means getting iridescent chaser/evader is actually quite possible now for the casual player, instead of ridiculously hard.

A 現在の逃避カテゴリエンブレムには60秒のチェイス時間上限があり、これ以上チェイスをしてもポイントは増えません。この上限は次のパッチで修正する予定です。
Evader had a hard cap on 60second chase which means you wouldn't get more evader points if the chase was longer than 60 seconds.
That one should be fixed in the upcoming patch!

Console patch the same day of the pc release?

Because this patch bring a lot of new content and changes to game, the process is slower. For this patch, it is very unlikely that will happen.

Q 意訳:窓超え、板壊しが想定された速さにならない件は6月に修正されますか?
Are you guys planning on fixing the issues where killers don't perform actions at the speeds they are supposed to (Window vaults, some pallet breaks)?

A 6月の修正はハグ、フレディ、ピッグに影響を与えるものになりますが、その速度に関する件については不明です。
This fix is intended to come with the June update but it has not been verified yet. That would affect Hag, Nightmare and Pig.

Q 意訳:ゲームの学習が非効率な点を何とかしませんか?手始めにマッチングをランクベースではなくプレイ時間ベースに変更するとか。
Do you guys plan on a system to combat the insane learning curve? Perhaps base the match system on hours played rather than rank, for a start?

A マッチングに関しては常に手を入れています。6月のパッチで新規プレイヤーがよりゲームをやりやすくなるようなチュートリアルを導入します。
There will be changes and tune up to the matchmaking, as always.
But we are also introducing a whole new in-game tutorial section in June to help new players get more familiar with the game!

I feel like Zemo from Civil War when I say/ask this....for the almost 2nd month in a row...
"Q&A...March 19th, 2018. /u/not_Queen_bhvr It was skipped entirely.

Since I am the only one answering this Q&A and I was sick + PAX + sick again, it has been passed on. Long live Q&A March 19th.

Q スモールゲームの改善提案です。(火のついた)トーテムの浄化が終わっていたら、トーテムに反応しないようにしませんか?
Can you make a small quality of life change to the Small Game perk, preventing its activation while the player is already cleansing the Totem?

A 良いアイディアですね。
Horvath's answer
That'd be nice!

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Q 意訳:秘密のオファに関しては、オファを使われたこと自体を隠しませんか?切断の原因になっていますので。
Have you ever considered not showing secret offerings on the offering screen?
Many people will just disconnect at the loading screen when they see one and it’s not really hard to guess what it potentially could be ...

A その件については、完全に隠すか秘密のオファを他にも実装するかで検討していますが、現在は実作業には移っていません。
We know this is an issue. We have different options for this.
Either we hide them completely or we make more secret offerings. This is not something we are actively working on right now.

What are your opinions on the many hackers who upload their hacked gameplay on youtube?

We take the necessary steps to stop people from hacking our game. Some people are just more persistent than others.
Some do not even use their own footage and do it for attention.

Q 月ごとのランクリセットについて見直し予定はありますか?
When will you guys revisit the monthly rank reset concept?

A 最初のチャプター調整パッチ(6月の新キャラ登場の6週間後なので8月頃?)での予定となっています。どのような範囲のものになるかがわからないため、全てそこでリリースされるとは限りません。
The design team is revisiting the rank reset concept around the first mid-chapter patch.
We don't know the scopes of the changes yet so there isn't a ETA on anything.

Q ララバイと同様に、ピッグのアドオンと、多分ダイイングライトとタナトフォビアもですが、ジグソウボックスのスキルチェックに影響しません。これらも一緒に修正されますか?
Are the bugs with the pig going to be fixed including some of her add-ons not working properly as well as huntress lullaby not affecting the Jigsaw boxes?
Is it also a possibility that you would make dying light and thanatophobia work on the boxes as well.

A 今の所、次のパッチにはまだ来ません。
AFAIK nothing is coming for this in the next patch.

Q ニューゲームモードを検討していると以前話題になりました。今もまだ検討されていますか?
It was said in a past dev stream that new game modes were being considered. Is that still being discussed?

A はい。今週の生放送で発表予定です。
Yes absolutely! Will be answered in this week's YouTube Q&A!

Q レイスリワークは良いものでしたが、高ランクではまだ力不足に思えます。以下提案です。
The Wraith QOL Adjustments in winter were nice, but not enough to make his gameplay suited for high ranks,
these buff suggestions have been posted before, would you consider them?
Remove lightburn, and change the related add ons.
Built in windstorm that stacks with add ons.
Decreasing his uncloak time
Remove/Lessen the shimmer

A 今週の生放送で回答します。
Check out this week's YouTube Q&A for your answer!

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>>303 誤訳修正
Q スモールゲームは、、トーテムの浄化中はそのトーテムに反応しないようにしませんか?
Can you make a small quality of life change to the Small Game perk, preventing its activation while the player is already cleansing the Totem?

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Q When will the huge Perk Rework come out?

Stefan - "We were looking for Christmas [of this year]... To do all the perks in one balance patch would be quite interesting.
I don't think every perk needs to be adjusted; would be a little overkill. What we should expect is smaller groupings of perks that are fixed, perhaps with certain thematic aspects?"

Not_Queen - "For example, all the Hex perks."

Stefan - "It could be all the Obsession perks; it could be just Laurie and her perks; Laurie and Myers'."

Not_Queen - "So what we showed a few weeks ago with Decisive Strike [is] not coming right now?"

Stefan - "That is not coming the PTB or in June. We will be looking to do that in the next PTB.
Whether it's gonna be in the form of 'Broken' where you'll be unable to heal yourself [once you use it], like No Mither, or another completely different thing."

Louis - "So [it's] very interesting because it essentially turns characters that you haven't leveled up into a whole bunch of different loadouts that you can try.
So it would be great if each character had a default loadout that had some kind of synergy.
For example, if we could adjust all the perks such that 'I wanna play healer, I'm gonna play Claudette; I wanna play a teamplayer, and [I] go to Dwight."

Any plans on reworking Totem Perks and Totem mechanics in general?

Stefan - "Biggest thing for me for Totems right now is that a Survivor can spawn with a Totem right in front of them; definitely something we want to fix.
We'd like to look at the model itself?maybe it's too bright? The noise that it's making as well."

Louis - "How would you guys feel if the Hex Totems didn't look any different from the Dull Totems, and you would only find out what you broke after?"

Stefan - "The fact that Hexes don't work like other actions in the game because they don't have skillchecks. Hexes might actually have skillchecks at some point?
There's people talking about a Totem that acts as like a decoy or an aura reader."

Not_Queen - "There's a lot of questions about warning the Survivors about the Hex Totems.
When you get your first skillcheck on a generator, you're aware that there is Lullaby even though it's not affecting you yet."

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314UnnamedPlayer (ワッチョイ 45a2-NEzo)2018/05/20(日) 06:38:34.13ID:QISwEsMG0
■ 不要なアイテム・アドオンの削除(売却)について
Will it be possible to get rid of items / add-ons we do not want?

Stefan - "If we were to let you break down your items and then everyone comes into games with Mori's and Tombstones, I feel like it might get a little unfun."


Not_Queen - "Are we even close to starting on this?"
Louis - "No."
Stefan - "No."
Not_Queen - "So don't get your hopes up. This is something we're considering way down the line.
We know you want it; it's something we want to look into, but it's totally not in the plans right now."

What are the plans to improve lobby functionality? Filters? Hiding Survivors?

Stefan - "We were looking into [showing] perks and add-ons to all Survivors.
In a handshake effect: after you go into game, we would like to hide the Killer's add-ons and whatnot until everyone's dead."

Louis - "That's a bit of a trade-off there, because when I finish the match, I like to check what it is that I just played against.
On the other hand, Survive With Friends absolutely do take advantage of that."

315UnnamedPlayer (ワッチョイ 45a2-NEzo)2018/05/20(日) 07:10:23.98ID:QISwEsMG0
There is a lot of matchmaking issues right now. What's up with that?

Louis - "What happened around the time these issues started cropping up?
Reports of this started happening after the Emblems System, which may have changed the distribution of ranks compared to what we had before.
I can't confirm that's the problem, it just seems like the most-likely culprit (or it's part of a more-complicated problem)."

Will the Emblems System be adjusted further, and if so will it be included in the Anniversary update in June?

Louis - "I can confirm that there have been lots of adjustments to the Emblems?numerical tweaks.
[They] all still work they used to work, but the numbers required to reach the various specials have been adjusted.
I believe that is going to be included in the June patch. You'll be able to play with it on the PTB, so keep an eye out for that."

Louis - "That's not gonna change. The design of the Emblems hasn't changed.
There were a couple of bugs that did get fixed: in Evader, there was an unintended cap on the number of points you could get in a single chase. I believe it has been fixed."

316UnnamedPlayer (ワッチョイ 45a2-NEzo)2018/05/20(日) 07:20:18.33ID:QISwEsMG0

Do you have any plans on new game modes?


Stefan - "We've done a brainstorm of new game modes. I believe we're gonna be doing them for events, mostly."
Not_Queen - "So it would be like an optional game-mode for events."

Dedicated servers when?

Not_Queen - " 'It is something we are definitely considering, but it is not on the timeline yet because transferring peer-to-peer to dedicated servers is a huge deal.
It takes resources, money, and time. We're scoping this, and we'll see (what the future brings)."

With the new shop system, we can unlock things with playtime, right? Do we start with shop release at zero or count my actual in-game time?

Not_Queen - "Everyone's going to start with the shop release with zero.
We're gonna have a player level system that's gonna allow you to level up in the game by playing games.
You play games, you level up. Every time you level up, you get in-game currency you can buy stuff in the store."

Louis - "Is that different from you rank and Bloodweb level?"

Not_Queen - "It is. It's kind of like a player account level."

317UnnamedPlayer (ワッチョイ 45a2-NEzo)2018/05/20(日) 07:26:05.08ID:QISwEsMG0

for eventを脳死で直訳してしまった

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321UnnamedPlayer (ワッチョイ 45a2-NEzo)2018/05/21(月) 08:42:25.07ID:rC0uBBgx0
You probably have an option to play both of them, but it could be subject to change. We haven’t done the full design on that just yet, that I’m aware.

As for the modes themselves, it can range anywhere from having no cooldowns whatsoever to having a Dwight Basement Party and you can’t leave the basement except on a hook.

Stefan ? “Yeah, and it would be a tweak on our current mechanics in the game. We’re looking for things that aren’t grand changing things with new scoreboards and whatnot.”

Developer Stream #84 - "Oh boy! Here we go killing again!" - Summary

Could we get perk-less mode for next Anniversary? Pretty please!

Mathieu - "Yes!!
Right now, we're working on different modes to shake things up a little bit.
One of the things is to have it so that for a certain amount of time you can get into a game with a specific set of rules that are different from the regular.
Perk-less is probably one of the simpler ones. There are others, things with timers, alternate goals, insta-kills. This is something we're hoping to get in this year."

Q パークレスモードを6月までにやれませんか?
A いいね!

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330UnnamedPlayer (ワッチョイ 824a-Bw3Y)2018/06/19(火) 09:49:52.34ID:TeqYM3nH0


331ハルヒ.N (ワッチョイ 7fd9-8g2T)2018/06/21(木) 17:33:10.00ID:mw6YkclQ0
て逆トラ解除しようとせずに、発電木幾とか行っちゃうのかしらねえ?( ^ω^)w
たったの150禾少しか無いのよ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ブゥーンw
(ひどww)過ぎ、マジ勘弁( ´,_ゝ`)プッw

332ハルヒ.N (ワッチョイ 7fd9-8g2T)2018/06/22(金) 18:18:14.33ID:jO804ChP0
イ士舞ったわ( ^ω^)w
くると考えて居てちょーだい⊂( ^ω^)⊃ブゥーンw
イ可かそう言うポイ厨してる豚が居たら、禾ムだと思って丁頁戴( ´,_ゝ`)プッww